Ray ban wayfarer

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer just got an eco-friendly upgrade

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer Bio-Acetate goes green with a new sustainable design.


If you think of menswear’s best essentials as a versatile blank canvas from which you can build anything, you begin to see how classics can be improved – like the timeless Ray-Ban Wayfarer, recently updated. day in environmentally friendly materials.

That’s an understatement, as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Bio-Acetate ups the ante even further by using a 67% blend of eco-friendly materials for an impressive touch of sustainable fashion.


For a pair of sunglasses that’s stood the test of time and graced the faces of some of the most stylish guys ever, it’s a modern move that makes a lot of sense in 2022.

The materials that make up these cool frames are carefully selected in their own right, with the mix harnessing everything from wood pulp to beets, grains and sugar cane.

Ray-Ban are well aware they have a classic at their fingertips, noting that “The Wayfarer never stopped”, and now the latest innovation is “breaking the mold once again”.


Useful, the newest Ray-Ban Wayfarer – a model the company recently updated in a series of bright summer-appropriate colors – still retains the hallmarks of the OG model, including color options like black and Havana.


One of the coolest styling options for the new Ray-Ban Wayfarer Bio-Acetate, however, might be the choice to choose striped frames in stylish colors like blue or a variety of smoky grays.

Naturally, it’s hard to improve on a legendary style, but going back to the drawing board has yielded eco-friendly results.

And like almost all Ray-Ban models, affordability is at the heart of what the brand does – grab a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer Bio-Acetate under $200 (between $183 and $198, to be exact). ).

This is a set of summer sunglasses designed to make you feel as good wearing them as any on the market – style accordingly.

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